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The Ultimate Guide to Trekking in Chikmagalur

20 March, 2024

If you’re someone who loves nature and adventure, then trekking the trails of the mountains and waterfalls in Chikmagalur are perfect for you!

Sustainable Travel: The Role of Chikmagalur Homestays in Eco-Tourism

26 February, 2024

Have you ever been to Chikmagalur, the beautiful picturesque town in Karnataka, nestled in the Western Ghats? Well, if you haven’t been there yet, then you must!

Top 5 Things to do in Chikmagalur

13 February, 2024

Welcome to Chikmagalur, which translates to ‘Young Daughter’s Town’, a picturesque town nestled amidst the lush greenery and perfect destination for laid-back travellers and adventure junkies.

How a Digital Detox will help you while staying at a Homestay?

16 January, 2024

Picture a life without your smartphone or a Wi-Fi connection, and as we all know that these social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be considered a new addiction and make us forget what a real life interaction is!

A Guide to Exploring Local Handicrafts in Chikmagalur

22 December, 2023

Chikmagalur, is not only renowned for its lush green landscapes and coffee plantations but also for its rich tradition of local handicrafts. Amazing isn’t it? A journey through the handicraft markets of Chikmagalur offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant culture and artistic heritage of the region.

Aerial view of homestay in cikmagalur with Do’s and Don’ts to Follow
The Do’s and Don’ts to Follow While Staying at a Homestay

08 Nov, 2023

Staying in a homestay offers a unique and personalized travel experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle.

top ten instagrammable places to explore in chikmagalur
Top Ten Instagrammable Places to Explore in Chikmagalur

20 Sep, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Karnataka, India, Chikmagalur has become a favorite destination for both travelers and photographers, thanks to its stunning locations that are perfect for Instagram-worthy photos.

People enjoying & practicing yoga in chikmagalur homestay
How Homestays Can Help in Yoga and Wellness Retreats?

26 Aug, 2023

Yoga and wellness retreats are becoming increasingly popular as people seek ways to escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with their inner selves.

Kinds of birds that you can find in chikmagalur for birdwatcher's
Chikmagalur: A Birdwatcher's Paradise

26 Aug, 2023

Chikmagalur, a biodiversity hotspot is home to a variety of bird species, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers. Chikmagalur emerges as a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Family group posing in front of homestay in chikmagalur
Family Getaways: Homestays for a Memorable Vacation

11 Aug, 2023

In a world where technology and social media dominates our lives, family getaways have become a crucial opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the mundane routine.

Solo travelers enjoying the beauty of chikmagalur in the riverside
Homestays: A Perfect Haven for Solo Travelers

28 July, 2023

Solo travel is both a liberating and thrilling experience, but it can also come with its own set of challenges.

Tourist group in Chikmagalur in front of homestays
How to Choose the Right Homestay in Chikmagalur for Your Needs

08 July, 2023

Planning a memorable vacation in the picturesque town of Chikmagalur? Finding the right homestay that caters to your specific needs can greatly enhance your experience.

Chikmagalur with lush green forest and tourist attraction
Embrace the Monsoon Magic-Plan a Weekend Getaway to Chikmagalur

26 June, 2023

As the monsoon season arrives, it brings with it lush green landscapes and a refreshing ambiance.If you are looking for a quick escape from the city's hustle and bustle, Chikmagalur is the ideal destination.

Tips for finding Homestays that are worth it in Chikmagalur
Drive Your Way to the Peak Of Delight-What to Expect on a Road Trip to Chikmagalur & How to Prepare?

12 June, 2023

Embarking on a road trip to Chikmagalur is a perfect way to escape the mundane routine and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.

Tips for finding Homestays that are worth it in Chikmagalur
Tips for finding Homestays that are worth it in Chikmagalur

28 May, 2023

While Chikmagalur has several accommodation options available, there is nothing like staying in a homestay in Chikmagalur that offer visitors a unique experience to connect with the local culture and environment.

View of Rani Jhari the best trekking place to revives the mind
Uncovering the story of Rani Jhari

21 March, 2023

Chikmagalur, also known as Karnataka’s Coffee Land, is a destination that never fails to satisfy the search of its travellers. Its majestic and passionate beauty still attracts tourists to its essence.

Nature view & beauty of Chikmagalur in different seasons
The ideal seasons to explore the beauty of Chikmagalur

21 March, 2023

Chikmagalur is a picturesque town that offers a break from the chaos of daily life. Surrounded by lush greenery and gushing waterfalls, it is a paradise for nature lovers.

Best Treks in Chikmagalur for Adventurous experience

21 Feb, 2023

Chikmagalur, tucked away in the lush green mountains of the Western Ghats and surrounded with beautiful coffee plantations, is a beautiful destination to spend your next weekend.

Why visit Chikmagalur this Valentine’s day?

04 Feb, 2023

Chikmagalur is an excellent place to visit for those couples who love nature and what better way to spend this romantic holiday than with mesmerizing spots-From lush green hill stations to coffee plantations to gushing waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries, Chikmagalur has them all.

10 Things to Do In Chikmagalur This Year

30 Jan, 2022

Fragrant coffee estates, high summits that make you dizzy, tranquil trekking trails, picture-perfect attractions, Chikmagalur has it all! This whimsical city of Karnataka really has a lot to offer with lists of never-ending things to do

Bhadra Wildlife Santuary

27 Jan, 2023

Situated 38 kilometers from the Chikmagalur town, very much still in Karnataka is the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. A must-see sightseeing place it offers wildlife lovers a truly unforgettable experience. A habitat for diverse flora and fauna, it lays nestled in the Western Ghats, spanning an impressive 490 sq km expanse.

Celebrating New Year's in Chikmangalur

30 Dec, 2022

Every New Year is marked by festivities and with people celebrating and partying to bring-in the upcoming year on a good note.This year too the 31st of December 2022 is going to be no different with people keeping an eye out for fun activities to partake in with family and friends because after all, some of the best memories we have are the ones we share with those that mean the most to us

Neelakurinji blooms in Chikmangalur

13 Dec, 2022

Once every 12 years, the hill sides of the Western Ghats are encompassed in splendid hues of purplish blue as that is when the legendary Neelakurinji flowers blossom.

Why take a weekend getaway to Chikmagalur?

11 Nov, 2022

Are you planning a quick weekend outing? Chikmagalur is an alluring spot and is the perfect weekend getaway.With majestic waterfalls, lush green mountains, aromatic coffee plantations, cool climate, it is one of the natural wonders found in the Western Ghats.

Soulful winter in Chikmagalur

4 Nov, 2022

Picture this-lush green mountains, cooling waterfalls, and pleasant climate while you are tucked away in a blissful homestay surrounded by incredible coffee plantations.

Activities to do on a Homestay

28 Oct, 2022

More and more travellers are looking for great homestay experiences, where better to experience the true culture of Chikmagalur than in people’s homes? Homestays are becoming a popular choice for hospitality and lodging

Guide to Stay with the Malnad Locals

19 Oct, 2022

Some of my best nights spent traveling to Chikmagalur have been inside a comfy homestay with wholesome home-cooked meals, interesting conversations, and decent amenities.If you’ve never heard of this concept before, then you are at the right place. I guarantee once you have your first real experience in a homestay, you will see what all the hype is about.

Coffee Museum in Chikmagalur

14 Oct, 2022

Are you ready to witness the journey of your favourite, delicious cuppa straight from the coffee plantation? You can now enjoy this experience at the Coffee Museum in Chikmagalur which uses fascinating ways to narrate the history, process, variety, and story of coffee.

Why choose a homestay for your next vacation?

11 Oct, 2022

Travel is all about experiencing and embracing the local culture and exploring a place you have never been to before. What could be a better way to achieve this than staying with the locals in a home that will provide you with all the luxury, and gives you the opportunity to experience the true essence of that place?

Spend this holiday season at Chikmagalur

06 Oct, 2022

Are you searching for the ideal location to spend the holidays? Are you in the mood to do something adventurous this year on vacation? The answer to all these questions is leaping into nature and what better place than Chikmagalur?

5 Must visit waterfalls in Chikmagalur

23 Sep, 2022

With several exotic attractions in Chikmagalur, there are so many beautiful waterfalls that will leave you awestruck and will make your trip an unforgettable experience.They are present amidst the luscious greenery, coffee plantations, lush green mountains, and hills.

Romantic Places in Chikmagalur to Visit for Couples on Honeymoon

14 Sep, 2022

No matter how busy we are, we all want to spend some quality time with the love of our life, don’t we? From lush green mountains to waterfalls, from coffee plantations to cool climates, there is no better place to take your loved one than one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country.

Safety tips for forest trekkers

07 Sep, 2022

Trekking is a great outdoor activity and is popular among adventure enthusiasts of all age groups. There are a number of trekking groups that organize trekking expeditions but one should not overlook the possible dangers it has if you are not equipped adequately.

What to carry on your next trip to Chikmagalur?

03 Sep, 2022

There is no denying the fact that vacations are a great way of relieving pent-up stress that gets built up from our daily lives. Let us face it. Most of us love traveling but just hate the idea of packing.

Weekend Planner: Tips & Ideas for Bangaloreans

25 Aug, 2022

Are you from Namma Bengaluru? Then, you know the importance of travelling on the weekends to escape the city and venture into the Western Ghats.Now you can choose from a variety of accommodations especially if you are willing to travel more than two fifty to three hundred kilometres.

Top Malnad delicacies you must try on your next visit to Chikmagalur

19 Aug, 2022

Close your eyes and think about Chikmagalur, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it the breath-taking views or waterfalls? Is it all the fun and exciting activities that one can indulge in.?

5 reasons to stay in a homestay in Chikmagalur than anywhere else

16 Aug, 2022

Situated in Karnataka’s rolling green hills and blissful climate is one of the most the top tourist destinations packed with panoramic viewpoints and the most exclusive coffee plantations.

Chikmagalur Itinerary for 3 days & 2 nights

08 Aug, 2022

When you think of the Coffee land of Karnataka, there is only one place that comes to mind. So, to all the coffee lovers out there, you might have already guessed it.

Workcation in Chikmagalur a promising memorable homely experience

30 July, 2022

When it comes to spending some quality time in the tranquillity of nature, only one place comes to mind. Choosing to stay in a homestay in Chikmagalur is the perfect alternative for all types of tourists.

Exploring the coffee culture of Chikmagalur during monsoons

22 July, 2022

Here is a fun question to all caffeine lovers- how often a day would you drink a cup of coffee if you had to? What if I told you there is a chance for you to indulge in the fresh aromatic smell of caffeine on picture perfect hilly landscapes?

Top 8 Offbeat Things to do in Chikmagalur

14 July, 2022

‘Chikmagalur’ or better known as ‘Younger Daughter’s Town’, is one of the most renowned coffee cultivating spots in India, tucked away in Southwest India at an elevated height of 3,400 feet.This perfect scenic getaway acknowledged by the coffee board of India is a sight for sore eyes with its cool misty hills, heritage spots, and adventure activities.

Homestays - Home away from home

11 July, 2022

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the word ‘home.’ Did you just smile? Doesn’t it bring a delightful sense of warmth to your heart; and evokes a sentiment, of love and belonging? As most of us have been traveling for years, we were too little to understand the concept of a vacation. Most of the time, we stayed in hotels in every place we visited.

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