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Unwind yourself from the mundane daily routine of life, and plan a trip to the lush green forests of Chikmagalur. Wake up with a steaming cup of strong coffee amidst the green hills and beautiful waterfalls. But before you pack your bags, run a short background check about the place so that you do not miss out on any attraction! When you decide to venture and spend some time at a new place, it is always advisable to know a few things before your travel. So, here is everything you need to know about Chikmagalur- a peaceful hill station in Karnataka!

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Places to see in Chikmagalur

Are you not tired of the constant grind that you are in every day? Well, you deserve a break- spend a few days nestled amidst the glory of Mother Nature. If you want a calm, relaxing, and rejuvenating vacation, we know just the place for you! Take some time off, and plan a trip to Chikmagalur- a small hill station in southwestern Karnataka, filled with aromatic coffee estates, and blessed with cascading ranges of the Western Ghats, the constant hymns of the magnificent waterfalls, and the sprawling lush green forests! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for the tranquil break!

Before setting off for your trip, get to know a little about the places of interest and the ones you absolutely cannot afford to miss!

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Unforgettable experience in beautiful waterfalls

The legendary Neelakurinji Blooms!

The legendary Neelakurinji Blooms!

Why choose a homestay for your next vacation?

Why choose a homestay for your next vacation?