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Gochikmagalur.com is an online travel accommodation booking platform allowing users to choose from a variety of accommodations when they travel to Chikmagalur. The platform enables customers to search and book various lodging options, including hotels, resorts, cottages, villas, depending upon their budget and requirements. The founders of Gochikmagalur.com were born and brought up in the Chikmagalur district, which allows them to identify safe and comfortable lodging option for national and international travellers.

With an aim to provide a one-stop search destination for all available lodging options in and around the district, Gochikmagalur.com was founded to make the search time-efficient and effortless. Customers can filter their searches depending on their budget, whether they are travelling solo or in groups as per their preferences.

25+ years of experience

The founder and team members at Gochikmagalur.com have 25+ years of experience in the tourism industry, which allows them to provide safe accommodations, acknowledged by the authority. All the members of the Gochikmagalur.com team have a strong passion for serving their customers in the best way possible, which is why they leverage modern technology and digital space to reduce the efforts of guests by providing the answers they are looking for.

Not only accommodation but the team at Gochikmagalur.com is also experienced in providing a multitude of tourism-related services in the international market. With hundreds of lodging listings and car rental services, Gochikmagalur.com strives to provide you with a trip that you have never experienced before. Apart from providing affordable prices, Gochikmagalur.com also provides discounts and seasonal offers, reducing the accommodation costs further.

To ensure that all the customers are treated with empathy and friendliness, the staff at Gochikmagalur.com are handpicked after careful consideration. They have the ability to handle multinational customers with a customer-friendly approach. Customers can connect with Gochikmagalur customer services representatives 24/7 over a phone call or email at sales@gochikmagalur.com

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