Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Since the cancellation and refund policy for every hotel/resort/homestay may vary, the audience booking their reservations via are requested to visit the vacation rentals’ official website or call them for exact details and understand it. The cancellation policies for each hotel/resort/homestay may differ depending on their specialized services, and the guests may need to pay a cancellation fee. Upon receiving the cancellation request, the guests will receive an email, fax or phone call to confirm their booking cancellation and the price they would need to pay. Once verified, the cancellation will be initiated, and the guests can expect to receive the money sans cancellation fee, as per the hotel’s timeline.

Refund policy

Every hotel/resort/homestay has its own refund policies, so the guests must read and understand the guidelines thoroughly. The percentage of refunds differ for each accommodation, and guests are expected to go through it and make an informed decision. The deduction fee may vary from 25%-75%, depending on how long before guests cancel the reservation prior to the day of supposed arrival.

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