1. How long does it take to confirm my booking? Once you provide all the necessary information and make the payment after choosing the hotel, we will confirm your booking instantly if the hotel has reservations open. However, if the hotels do not have their reservations available, we will send you the details once we have updates from the hotel.
  2. What is the cancellation fee? The cancellation fee varies depending on the hotel you choose and how long before the arrival date you cancel. To know more about the details of the cancellation fee we charge, please go through our cancellation policy.
  3. Do I need to keep the booking voucher? Even though the hotels will confirm your reservation in their system, it is always a good idea to print out the voucher we send to be safe.
  4. How long before my arrival date am I allowed to cancel the reservation? The cancellation time frame, again, varies depending on the hotel you chose. Some might allow you to cancel a week before, while others might allow cancellation up to 24 hours prior. We request you to go through the cancellation policy of the hotel you chose for more details.
  5. How can I make online payments? We accept debit cards/credit cards, UPI, online banking, net banking, etc., as the preferred form of online payments.
  6. What is the waiting period for my refund? We process refunds as soon as the reservation is cancelled. However, it may take up to 7-10 days for the amount to show up in your account, depending on your bank.
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