Why choose a homestay for your next vacation?

Homestay in the center of the greenery of chikmagalur, a best place for next vacation

Travel is all about experiencing and embracing the local culture and exploring a place you have never been to before.
What could be a better way to achieve this than staying with the locals in a home that will provide you with all the luxury, and gives you the opportunity to experience the true essence of that place?

I am a huge believer in the concept of homestays, and here are six reasons why a homestay is the best option for your travel accommodation.

Enjoy a personalized and exclusive experience:
Once you have stayed at a homestay, they provide you with the warmth of a ‘Home Away from Home’ which is perfect because they reflect the personal style of the hosts, and have their own essence, which I believe, you may not find in any hotel.

Homestays always have something exclusive about them, as it gives you the liberty to brew up a cup of coffee or make a midnight snack in the kitchen.

Go beyond the travel guide:
When you choose a homestay, it means that you have somebody who can guide you about the place better than any travel guide or guidebook. From where to eat, to where to shop, to what to see, no website can provide you with the best tips on this than a local who has opened up their home to tourists.

Not everyone can do this, so we must admire their passion and dedication to do so. Believe me, sometimes you will end up changing your itinerary completely, and always for the better!

Dig into some authentic food:
A trip to a new place is always incomplete without tasting the local cuisine and ingredients. While there will always be a plethora of options to choose from, nothing really matches a hearty and delicious home-cooked meal.

They always give you a taste of the simple but tasty food of the place and if you are lucky, you can even score some new recipes.

Great experiences & memories:
Homestays can surprise you in many ways you can never imagine to. For those who love solo travelling, this is also the best travel decision as you can end up with some good company and meaningful conversations with other fellow travellers.

Help boost the Local Economy:
I feel it is important to give homestays a priority because we are supporting the locals so that they can prosper and develop. The concept of homestays has to be loved, nurtured, and encouraged among fellow travellers for the greater good.

Let us face it. A hotel can pamper you with luxury, but a homestay will leave you with everlasting memories.

Make Connections:
The best part about homestays is that you always end up making friends from all parts of the world. You will be given a chance to interact with people and become a part of their lives. How cool is that?

Book your stay with us and choose from our variety of accommodations, especially homestays.

11 Oct, 2022

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