Why visit Chikmagalur this Valentine’s day?

Visit Chikmagalur this Valentine’s Day with Love from GoChikmagalur

Chikmagalur is an excellent place to visit for those couples who love nature and what better way to spend this romantic holiday than with mesmerizing spots-From lush green hill stations to coffee plantations to gushing waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries, Chikmagalur has them all. One of the most alluring places and is worth every penny of your money and every second of your time.
Here are top reasons why you should visit Chikmagalur this Valentine’s Day The rich coffee plantations:
Chikmagalur is known mainly for its endless coffee plantations, did you know that it is believed that coffee was first originated in the region? Coffee seeds have been cultivated here for the first time after a Muslim saint brought them from Yemen and even during the British regime there were several coffee plantations present in the area.
Taking a tour through these incredible coffee plantations is one of the most essential things to do and aside from taking in the fresh aromatic smell of coffee beans, you can enjoy a nice hot cuppa with your partner as you stay in a relaxing homestay for the holiday.
Stay on a luxurious homestay:
If you someone who does not shy away from luxury, we have got numerous options for you! Add some sparkle to your Valentine’s Day by booking a stay at any of our fancy homestays in Chikmagalur. The unhindered access to privacy, plush interiors, spacious rooms and will make your stay extremely memorable. If you are feeling adventurous, plan a romantic candlelight dinner or barbeque dinner at the homestay, some of the owners and very sweet and will be more than happy to plan this for you.
Pleasant Climate:
Chikmagalur has splendid chilled weather for most part of the year making it an ideal place for family vacations, and for lovers. Add it to your top bucket list of unbeatable destinations in India. Temperatures range from 14°C and 32°C in the peak season which is from September to February. Cuddle up with your loved one under a blanket and watch the stars while enjoying a delicious dinner in any of the homestays you wish to stay in for the holiday.
Private pool villa experience:
You can even check out a few luxury resorts nestled within coffee plantations in Chikmagalur that offer exemplary services with a private pool, refined rooms with plush sofas, minibars, coffee makers and a host of other incredible amenities. Waking up to the magnificent mountain views and ombre sunrise is sure to be the highlight of your trip.
Some resorts also offer entertainment options, bonfire, a global cuisine restaurant, gym, bar, spa, and an indoor children’s play area, making it the ultimate romantic gateway for all you couples.
Chikmagalur throws its doors open to you to enjoy the glory of nature and all its wonders along with its delicious and flavoursome cuisine. Staying at the various homestays mentioned on this site is a rare pleasure and experience, so it’s worth visiting Chikmagalur this Valentine’s Day.

04 Feb, 2023

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