Top Malnad delicacies you must try on your next visit to Chikmagalur

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Close your eyes and think about Chikmagalur, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it the breath-taking views or waterfalls? Is it all the fun and exciting activities that one can indulge in.? What is your favourite memory?

You will be fascinated to know that Chikmagalur is famous for its local delicacies and culinary skills. Malnad cuisines open up a new world of sensory experiences to our taste buds. The freshness of all spices combined with the simplicity in its ingredients makes it completely different from all other cuisines in Karnataka.

Malnad food draws inspiration from the culture and traditions of locally grown food ingredients and vegetarian dishes. Here are our op favourite Malnad food picks:

Akki Rotti:
You cannot leave Chikmagalur without trying the famous Akki Rotti. Even though the recipe varies from one region in Karnataka to another, this certain Akki Roti that you get in the Malnad region is the most common and favourite food among tourists here. Although the ingredients are quite similar to Neer Dosa, they differ in terms of their distinctive taste and texture.

One of the most popular and typical foods in Chikmagalur is Pathrode which is also called Patravadi and consists of key ingredients such as pathrode leaves, colocasia leaves, coconut paste, rice, spices, and tamarind.

Filter Coffee:
The Malnad region of Karnataka is primarily located on the beautiful Western and Eastern Western Ghats slopes. Famous for its coffee plantations, you will find some extraordinary coffee here as they offer some of the best filter coffees in Karnataka.

Cheenikayi Kadubu:
One of the specialties has to be Pumpkin idli or better known in this region as Cheenikayi Kadubu which is prepared using grated pumpkin and Rice Rava. This is typically a breakfast delicacy prepared during the first day of Diwali.

Jackfruit dishes:
If you are a fan of jackfruit, then you are in luck. You will find a wide variety of jackfruit-based dishes like Jackfruit Idli or Halasina Hannina Kadubu and Kayi Kadubu. Both are steamed and sweet. Other dishes include Jackfruit Fitters or Halasina Hannina Mulka, Jackfruit Papad, or Halasina Kayi Pappad. All dishes vary from sweet to savoury and you can also learn some of these recipes too from the homestay owners.

Huli Avalakki:
Malnad style Gojjavalakki or better known as Huli Avalakki or is a wholesome breakfast item popular among the locals. It is made by boiling jaggery, salt, and tamarind, mixed with roasted red chili, urad dal powder, and gram dal. This recipe has a lot of different variations and is meant to induce a sensory explosion in your taste buds.

Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari:
Also known as Mung dal carrot salad made by soaking the raw green gram dal or mung dal and grated carrot, is another very famous Malnad salad loved by many visitors.

So, do not forget to fill your tummy with these Malnad dishes that are sure to comfort your soul. We help you with all your stay bookings and homestays!

19 Aug, 2022

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