Celebrating New Year's in Chikmagalur

Tourists in Chikmagalur Enjoying fire crackers during New Year celebration

Every New Year is marked by festivities and with people celebrating and partying to bring-in the upcoming year on a good note. This year too the 31st of December 2022 is going to be no different with people keeping an eye out for fun activities to partake in with family and friends because after all, some of the best memories we have are the ones we share with those that mean the most to us.

Chikmagalur has a lot to offer, from house parties, to bar hopping and clubbing to travel and adventures to strolling through the streets to watch NYE fireworks, come and take your pick!

Copacetic music and enthusiastic dance lovers will not be disappointed, with the gleaming parties that Chikmagalur has in store. Pick your favorite NYE event after scouting out some of the best ones the place has to offer. Sites include terrace gardens, 5-star hotels, bars and restaurants, pubs and poolside venues.

Even if you need a break from the usual partying business, you can explore some of the attractions that Chikmagalur has, with so many options you will be in a bind as to which one to choose.

The list of events to kick start the New Year is already made at the start of November itself with preparations starting well ahead of time. Varying genres with exclusive events are a certainty so that you may celebrate the New Year 2023 any way you please.

Gratifying NYE art workshops will ensure you welcome the New Year in a splash of color. Some people lack the coordination and have two left feet when it comes to dancing but perfect pitch when it comes to singing; so, they can go to the sing –along concerts, music festivals and musical nights, to name a few.

Crazy activities, exciting events and memorable nights await you. This is the perfect time for travel bugs in search of their next adventure. Rappel, camp, trek or just get immersed in a backpacking trip to get that palate cleanse you need to begin the New Year afresh. Plan a trip to a resort or farmhouse if you prefer a more tranquil and relaxing experience.

Chikmagalur is infamous for its numerous homestays that offer the perfect family holiday getaway experience too. There are many benefits to them. Appreciate the opportunity to interact better with the local people of the region who will probably have interesting ideas on how to spend the holiday. They also are a terrific value for money.

I suggest opting to include meals too in the pricing of the rooms so that you may learn firsthand the culture, traditions and customs of the place and partake in a rich exchange with the native people. If you really want that snug ‘home away from home experience’ then this would be the choice for you.

While travelling alone may be a liberating experience, homestays could provide the comfort you need by staying with someone who knows the lay of the land or you may even find it fascinating meeting other travelers with interesting stories to share.

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30 Dec, 2022

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