Soulful winter in Chikmagalur

Beautiful view of green hills with clouds and with tourists enjoying the trekking

Picture this-lush green mountains, cooling waterfalls, and pleasant climate while you are tucked away in a blissful homestay surrounded by incredible coffee plantations.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Now, it is time to make it a reality. If you are one of those planning a winter break for November-December, why not choose Chikmagalur?

Why visit during the winter?
While most people visit the divine beauty of the Malnad, Chikmagalur during the summer, why not do something different?

A holiday during November – December will be ideal since you will witness the glorious beauty of winter in Chikmagalur.

Not only is the weather perfect and cool, but there are also lots of fun activities that you can do to keep you busy.

The cool climate, and breezy weather of winter, combined with alluring views of mist, is a sight to behold.

If you love adventure especially trekking, or exploring the wilderness for hidden waterfalls, then this region truly transforms magically as the temperature ranges between 14-32°C.

Chikmagalur draws millions of tourists towards coffee plantations, mountains, and waterfalls every year during the summer or holiday season, so going during the winter will make you witness the wonders of this south hill station with lesser crowds.

Chikmagalur also unfolds a series of fun-filled activities and events for locals and tourists around this time such as agriculture festivals, cultural events, adventure activities, spiritual festivals, car and jeep rallies, and so on.

Where to visit?
Stop at Mullayanagiri peak , it is known for its ambiance and nature’s beauty adorned with grasslands, rugged rocks, and a reliable trek path. This is very popular among adventure lovers with a view that is unbelievable and worth every step. At the top, you can also visit the Shiva temple.

Another famous place worth visiting is Jhari Waterfalls, or Buttermilk Falls, created by the natural springs generated in the mountains. Dare your friends to swim in the cool freezing water.

Another exciting activity is white water rafting on the Bhadra river which is pure bliss and sure to create the adrenaline rush that you need. The coffee Museum also offers tourists an interesting insight into the coffee business, from its history to the final product.

How to get there?
If you are planning to fly, the nearest airport is Mangalore and from there it is a four-hour drive. You can also drive via Bangalore which will let you pass through some historic places on the way. There are also luxury buses available and once you reach Chikmagalur, there are taxis to take you where you need to go.

Where to stay?
Chikmagalur is the trending tourist hub so you will find several popular accommodations options on our website that range from luxury to budget tucked away in the coffee plantations. Do not miss the cool winter walk through the plantations and getting a glimpse into the Malnad culture. The sunrise and sunset on the lush green mountains are one of the most beautiful things you will ever witness in your life.

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04 Nov, 2022

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